We are committed to making all our resources open access under creative commons and to support our artistic and research partners in the best ways we can. In the context of the current crises, we have Indigenous partners in Brazil who are in need of more immediate support. Therefore, we are setting up two fundraising campaigns:

1. A COVID-19 emergency fund for Indigenous communities in Latin America who are part of the network “In Earth’s CARE” and the collaboration “Teia das 5 Curas”. These funds are to be used exclusively for food and water security and emergency health and will be collected by the Musagetes Foundation:

2. A project for land purchase in the Amazon for the Huni Kui Hêne Bariá Namakiá community (Chief Ninawa Huni Kui’s community) of the settlement Mâe Txanayá. This community is threatened by cattle ranchers who have been emboldened by the Brazilian government to steal unprotected Indigenous land. (this link will be available soon)