Unbecoming Modernity

Event organized by UBC students on 16 and 17 November 2019.

Unbecoming Modernity Poster

Unbecoming Modernity Booklet (download here)

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Seeding Practices Zine

Seeding Practices is a zine-in-progress that emerges from the Unbecoming Modernity congress held in November, 2019. The zine invites, in collaboration, interaction and self-practice. With these intentions, the zine features an expansion on themes and questions that arose during the Unbecoming Modernity explorations; critical questions along frameworks posed in the EDST 523 course that situate the congress in a web of institutional and modern entanglements [what does it mean to unbecome in this complex world?] and a set of sixteen seeding practices cards to ground this often overwhelming work in our everyday lives. The zine gestures towards future workshops and explorations for those that want to stay engaged. The written document that is included is used to show the intentions behind the zine, in hopes of guiding participants as they engage with the unfinished nature of it.

Seeding Practices would like to thank GTDF for many of the cartographies and language we continue to draw from, to Haruko Okano for the artwork contributions, and the With/Out Modernity cards for guidance in writing seeding practices cards.

The zine is published in its unfinished form in order to invite participants into collaboration, as well as to show the nature of all work as in-progress.

Download the Draft Seeding Practices PDF.


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