Po-ethic inquiry #1: boxes

there was this time/space junction

when i was born in a blue planet

in a period of great turmoil


i was born as a human

a wombed, brown skinned one

in a criss-cross of different dna

of human bloodlines in conflict

very messy at times


something really interesting

was happening with humans

in that period


in an act of rebellion

against time and death

humans had become

obsessed with meaning


they had become attached to

the extravagant idea

of controlling the world

through categories of belief


like, dividing the world into pieces

and putting these pieces in boxes


the boxes were then organized


in imposed orders of importance


the main boxed idea

was that all relations

should happen through the boxes


very peculiar…


they believed the right box-belief

could explain, describe, define, prescribe, fix

and tell us exactly who we are

they would allow us

to touch and to contain

real truth, justice and beauty

once and for all


the boxes worked like “boxhouses”,

“boxborders”, “boxdisciplines”


they justified expropriation

in the name of progress and development

they justified theft and murder

in the name of law and order

they justified rankings of the value of life

in the name of “civilization”


in this period

humans understood wealth

as the decorations of the house

they started to fail to notice

that the walls that they had built

to protect the accumulated junk

trapped them in the abject poverty

of the emptiness of separation


humans forgot

how to experience the world

how to dream and to hope

beyond the walls of their houses and borders


you need to understand

that it worked like a spell

that scaled up their minds

shrank their bodies

and numbed all senses

that refused to fit into



eventually the boxhouses

resembled prisons

in a lockdown of meaning

that usually felt

empty, meaningless, paradoxical

prompting them to start

their search for meaning

all over again c-i-r-c-u-l-a-r-l-y


and when these searches

collided in incommensurabilities

they would start wars

defending their freedom of choice


to remain within their boxhouses (in the name of property)

to protect their boxborders  (in the name of sovereignty)

to uphold the superiority of their boxheads (in the name of pride)


they would fight and kill each other

for their perceived entitlement

for “boxsecurity” and “boxstability”

they would try to fix the cracks and damage

with weaponized cement


the planet looked at this situation pitifully

earth had offered them life

but at no other time

they had less reverence for it


earth was concerned that

humans were trashing

precisely what

sustained their existence

very quickly


earth asked rivers to yell

mountains to shout

winds to howl

clouds to roar

you know, the usual thing


but most humans could no longer listen

the walls of the boxhouse

were far too thick, soundproof

and those who got the message

were labeled insane


the story of patching the boxhouse

from the inside

went on for the longest time

and repeated itself time and time again

until something happened


some humans noticed they could fit

through the cracks of the walls


they were warned, however

that if they stepped outside

they would not be able to get back in


this deterred most for a while

but eventually a few got bored

of repeat cycles

of separation and indifference

and let their yearning for wholeness

gradually out-weigh

their desire for control

and their fear of pain


at that point they learned

that it was “safe”,

to feel the soil

to breath the air

as extensions

of their bodies


they remembered how to listen

how to pace

how to heal

how to scale up

all senses again


the boxes were still there

but boxes could no longer contain them

they discovered boxes

were useful

to play with


they learned houses

were also cool

but for not

for the reasons

they previously

thought they were


when the weather was too cold or too hot

houses offered temporary shelter

t-e-m-p-o-r-a-r-y shelter – that was all.

they started to build healthier houses

not made to last very long


this was clever

as it forced them

never to forget

the joys of working,

playing, dancing

and making love and life

in the forest, the sand, the sea

under the moon and the stars





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