Metabolic intimacies (without guarantees)

Not form
Not fantasy
Not projection
Not consumption
Not autonomy
Not enmeshment
Not coercion
Not protagonism
Not redemption
Not exploitation
Not occupation
Not planting
Not harvesting
Not destination
Not empathy
Not virtue
Not validation
Not innocence
Not addiction
Not fake maturity
Not inebriation
Not arbitration
Not delusional sobriety
Not stake claiming
Not enforceable agreement
Not ownership
Not denial
Not productivity
Not demarcation
Not certainty
Not coherence
Not control
Not convenience
Not sovereignty
Not authority
Not identity
Not understanding
Not charity
Not entitlement
Not projective “care”
Not giving
Not taking
Not purpose
Not plastic
Not lust
Not having it your way
Nor exhaustive list
intimacies “of” (movements)

of temporalities
of rhythms
of emanations
of shape-shiftings
of nuances
of intensities
of tensions
of “shit” storms
of epiphanies
of vortexes
of eruptions
of paradoxes of flesh
of plasma
of organs
of chemical catalyses

of ooze
of barfs
of farts

of moving textures
of moving densities
of moving membranes
of moving molecules
of moving shadows
of moving subtleties

intimacies “with”

growth and decay
pain and bliss
life and death
beauty and horror
cruelty and kindness
health and sicknesses
trust and doubt
loyalty and betrayal
chaos and order
sensuality and disgust
anger and zen
fear and faith
love and indifference
without guarantees

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