Coming of Age in the Climate Change Era

This podcast aims to weave the multiplicity of existence of low-intensity struggle youth and how they relate to climate collapse.

Through creating an artistic palimpsest of stories, this podcast aims to lead listeners into visceral witnessing. This plurivocal storytelling hopes to incite connection, create support, and deepen inquiries for fellow youth. It is not about definitions, professional responses, numbers, objectivity or solutions. It is about learning to sit with the complexities, multiplicity, grief, and uncertainty and perhaps about calling for more generative ways of existing.

This choral essay could be an invitation for intergenerational bridge building providing older generations with a glimpse into the ways we numb, work, heal and process the world(s) we have inherited.

the voices heard on this podcast are from the Philippines, Chile, Colombia, France, Brazil, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, USA, Spain and Turkey.

Created on the Unceded, Ancestral and overlapping territories of the Sḵw_wú7mesh, Stó:lō _and Səílwətaʔ/ Selilwitulh and xʷməθkʷəəm Nations 

photograph and podcast production by kyra royo fay

(music via bluedotsessions)

One Reply to “Coming of Age in the Climate Change Era”

  1. Thank you for this! Listening to all these voices from young people who are experiencing climate crisis and trying to cope with its effects has made me reflect on my own feelings towards the huge challenges we’re already facing. I’m trying to deal with all the contradictory feelings I have now: anger, impatience, powerlessness, but also hope, the need for connecting with the earth, with other people. As an educator in Brazil and teaching young people, I’m trying to deal with all these conflicting feelings by embracing them instead of just looking for feeling good and safe, as we usually tend to feel. It’s a challenge, especially because I don’t want my students to get hopeless… Though, I believe living and coexisting with uncertainty, even pain may teach us to think otherwise…


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