Past events



17 January “Against purity and for a politics of responsibility”, Alexis Shotwell, Carleton University

18 January “A worlded philosophy for Indigenous education”, Carl Mika, University of Waikato

1 February “Embodying Radical Tenderness” (performance workshop) Dani D’Emilia (performance artist), Lisbon

26 February “Threading generative relations in the midst of crises and loss” Elwood Jimmy, Indigenous Curator, Musagetes Arts Foundation

28 February “Exiled capacities: attunement” (dance workshop) Jyotsna Liyanaratne, Souffle de Danse, Paris

27 February Meeting for volunteers for the “With/Out” modernity congress subention

1-2 March “Practices of Indigenous health, existential wealth and wellbeing”

21 May Workshop: intellectual and affective GTDF experiments @ Ponderosa Commons PCOH 2012

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