compass questions

“compass” questions

  • How has our education trapped us in conceptualizations of (and relationships with) language, knowledge, agency, autonomy, identity, criticality, art, sexuality, earth, time, space, and self…that restrict our horizons and what we consider to be possible / intelligible? [what restricts what is possible for us to sense, understand, articulate, want and imagine?]
  • What educational processes can override our categorical neurological wiring and bio-chemical responses (our fears, self-interest, narratives, ego, narcissistic tendencies, wounds, etc), activate a visceral sense of entanglement, responsibility, humility, generosity, sanity (not dependent on will or intellectual choices), and open up possibilities/worlds that are viable, but unimaginable or inarticulable within our current frames of reference? [what, beyond convictions, can offer an antidote to indifference?]
  • What can engender a stream of connections and a sense of care and commitment to everything that overrides self-interest and is not dependent on convictions, knowledge, identity or understanding?
  • How can we start to heal our individual and collective pain without guilt, paralysis, self-righteousness, entitlement, depoliticization, wound-attachment, transference, tantrums, re-wounding and drama?
  • How can we engage and be taught by different systems of knowledge and being, struggles and attempts to create alternatives, (a)cutely aware of their gifts, limitations, and contradictions, as well as our own (mis)interpretations, projections, and appropriations?
  • How can we tap the possibilities that are viable but unintelligible within dominant paradigms?[How to invite people to consider what is deemed “impossible”?]
  • What would dialogue, horizontality and solidarity look like beyond the imaginative boundaries of capitalism, socialism, anarchism, anthropocentric humanism and separability? [how have our dreams been tamed?]
  • How can we rigorously mobilize an “alternative way to engage with alternatives” ( walking/ dancing/ breathing/ stumbling differently together in a foggy road) without arrogance, righteousness, dogmatism and perfectionism?
  • How can we hospice a dying way of knowing/being and assist with the birth of something new, still fragile, undefined and potentially (but not necessarily) wiser with radical tenderness?
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