Engaged dis-identifications, NOTES#3: moving shit

1. Po-ethic inquiry: a constantly overflowing cesspit

my shit – your shit – their shit – whose shit – old shit – new shit – i shit – you shit – they shit – we shit – our shit …

2. Stretching spaces

  • What happens when we don’t deal with our shit?
  • What if we don’t know how to deal with it?
  • When shit surfaces, what bodies are systemically tasked with dealing with it?
  • When we are immersed in collective shit can we distinguish whose shit it is? In what circumstances does this matter?

3. Nuancing affectabilities

SHIT neglect: dancing on top of an overflowing cesspool

Signs of frames 1 and 2
Fixation with meaning; Attachment to choice; Demand for validation and security;  Desires for consensus, certainty, coherence and control; Objectification and consumption of opportunities/relationships; Pretending you know what to do, obsession with methodology; Fear of missing out; Fear of the unknowable;  Awareness of inauthenticity/superficiality surfacing as anxiety; Delusion of self transparency “I am already there” (none of this applies to me)

Signs of frames 3 and 4
Crafted self-image starts to look pathetic; Usual entitlements seem ridiculous; No need for recognition, or for impressing or pleasing others; No utility-maximization; Pretending to yourself and others seems like a huge waste of energy and time; Bullshit radar: e.g. distinction between fake and genuine humility clear as day; Generosity and compassion happen without thinking/justifications/becoming “virtue”; Unconditional acceptance of everyone’s learning pace and process, while recognizing the costs others have to pay for this learning and its pace; Heart open with/to pain and joy

4. Incubating performative practices

“Create two rows facing each other. One person at a time walks through the corridor the rest of the group has formed. Two people will create a force against you. You will push through this force, with your own. As you move forward let your rage be vomited out of you. Tell the landscape about your anger. Release it. Let it move beyond you and be held and composted by the body of a wider metabolism.”


Photo Gallery: Performance-pedagogy practices facilitated by Dani d’Emilia and other exercises at Gorca Earthcare Summer Program

Engaged dis-identifications is an artistic-pedagogic collaboration between Dani d’Emilia and Vanessa Andreotti that explores the workings of non-notional possibilities of co-existence through performative practices. It attempts to translate post-representational modes of engagement into embodied experiments that reconfigure the connections between reason, affect and relationality

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