Global Citizenship Education Otherwise

This booklet was developed with a specific audience in mind: educators working with global citizenship education in Europe. It presents an overview of the work of the collective and outlines two pedagogical experiments.

The first pedagogical experiment, “Bare Basics” is a program for self or group study consisting of a collection of resources organized around  6 thematic areas (denial of violence, denial of unsustainability, denial of entanglement, how education has helped create the problem, so what/now what?, the difficulties/impossibilities of  imagining otherwise).

The second pedagogical experiment is an experiential learning program that we run by request (as a TTT or a residency). It involves mapping, imagination, body and land-based exercises. We invite you to engage with the outline of both programs, starting with our “broccoli seed agreement” on the back of the booklet.

Download the booklet here.


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